“…Five Drow entered, One Drow left!”
…No really! He didn’t go through! he stayed behind after setting them up to go early, then shot the druids animal compainion, and then he turned on the necromancer to leave a body as a scapegoat! Well ofcourse he let the drow-nomancer get away through the portal and………;) everything went according to his masters plan….

I am currently getting Pathfinders adventure path “Kingmaker” underway. However without the usual asortment of Paladins and Those who would be king! ect.

I began with only 3 of my players using drow characters. They attempted an escape plan from the drow city of Zirnakaynin. The party Necromancer was approached by the party Druid, “Edme”, to make use of his masters private portal. She then inturn convinced a few “allies” to venture to the surface to escape their uncertain fates. (These fates were revealed by Edme’s cousin “Si-NaFey” a blind/cursed Oracle of Nature.) An NPC I’ve cross-Ref. from Pathfinders A.P. “Second Darkness” Going by the new alias “SimKin…” surprizes both Edme and her Cleric/Sister “Satien” in a private meeting to inform them that in 48hrs they will be betrayed and killed. Big shock there being drow and all but, for the price of his own admission to “he night above” as they call it. He will aid them in a hurried escape as he has his plan already in action! He claims to have distracted the necromancers master, and an opening should be availible in two hours for a hurried escape!

The necro comfirms this and the party agress. After the girls plus one lackey ranger “Droledan” pass through the portal, good ‘ol Simkin, still on this side kills Edme’s animal compaignion. then turns on the necromancer. (looks like hes gunna kill him!)

Hurray for the Vanish spell and our drownomancer side steps a missed shot from a readied action (hmm suspicious?). Leaps through to dump my new party of drow test subjects into the green belt ready to wander into kingmaker. The proper pc party will arrive to find strange quests already at Oleg’s hmmm? Just to run a duonble campaign you see!.

Kingmaker(puppets of our Drow)